Variety of products at fair prices.

We provide companies with a varied range of products, focusing on the best quality, at fair prices.

You can find, in one place, all the products you need for distribution, HoReCa and retail, so that your business runs smoothly. Here's why you should work with us:

We work with over 40 suppliers.

We rely on offering top products at unbeatable prices.

We offer a wide range of over 400 products.

We have national coverage.

Who are we addressing

Our disposable packaging is addressed to the food service sector (restaurants, fast-foods and catering services) but also to all those who are looking for a convenient and efficient solution to transport and keep food and drinks in optimal conditions.

Catering and Fast Foods

We offer safe and hygienic products and packaging for those active in the field of Catering and Fast food at fair prices.

Coffee shops and Bistros

Our disposable packaging allows serving and transporting cold and hot drinks in a safely manner.

Cleaning and Stationery Companies.

We offer wet and dry napkins, trash bags, aprons and cleaning accessories.

Bakeries and Pastry Shops

In the food business field, hygiene is essential. That is why we encourage our customers to work only with disposable and single use packaging and accesories.

Hotels and Restaurants

From kitchen accessories to hygienic packaging for restaurants, we assure our customers that we offer only quality products.

Street food and Delivery

We provide disposable packaging for hygienic and safe deliveries from cups, special boxes, caseroles and bowls.

Grocery stores and Supermarkets

We also provide plastic, paper, aluminum caseroles, cups and special boxes to and not only markets and supermarkets.

Factories and Producers

Our partners can choose from a wide variety of single use products  made from LDPE, PET, PVC, PP, aluminum etc.

We offer solutions

Besides products, we deliver more.

We solve all the challenges connected with the single use and disposable packaging.

Contact us

We are always open to receive feedback and respond to any request regarding our products. Therefore, if you have questions or suggestions, we encourage you to contact us. Our team is ready to offer you all the support.


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